Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: Prosperity Pie

Prosperity Pie : How to Relax About Money and Everything ElseProsperity Pie : How to Relax About Money and Everything Else by SARK

This book was about how not to worry about money, love, and everything else. It felt like a mini therapy session with color. Every page has color except for the pages she wants you to color. She wants you to let your creative juices flowing. SARK is all about the creativity. It's not a self-help book per se. It's more of saying that everything is all right and stop worrying so much. She has quotes pertaining to each chapter. She also includes other peoples sites that can give you more inspiration. She gives examples of her own life in each subject. This book was uplifting. It is a tool to make you feel inspired and give you new ideas. I liked it and thought it was a fabulous read.

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