Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: Waxed:A Novel by Robert Rave

Summary from Goodreads:

Waxed is the story of three relationship-challenged sisters working together at New York’s hottest waxing salon, catering to socialites, actresses, and regular folk alike.
Yank. On the surface, glamorous Carolina Impresario---big sister and owner of Impresarios---unapologetically wants it all, but secretly she is caught between her successful boyfriend and the only man she has ever truly loved.
Pluck. After a painful divorce, middle sister Anna reluctantly reenters the workforce and puts on a brave face while attempting to raise her children, one of whom is decidedly different.
Tear. Newlywed Sofia is a hybrid of her two older sisters: She loves the idea of a domestic life like Anna’s, but is entranced by New York nightlife and a new best friend, resulting in some major complications at home.
Amid the sticky confines of a perfectly manicured world, these three sisters search for love, friendship, and better versions of themselves.
Waxed is a funny and heartfelt novel that illustrates the lengths to which some women will go to present a seemingly flawless exterior, even when it involves pain. . . .

My review/thoughts:
This book is about three sisters who couldn't be anymore different. Carolina, the oldest sibling, owns the salon and she is very meticulous and OCD about everything. She comes across as cold and mean. She's in a committed relationship, but isn't exactly happy. Anna is the middle sister who is divorced and has two girls and a boy, but she gave birth to two boys and a girl. She loves to irk Carolina and knows which buttons to push as only sisters can do. Sophia is the youngest sister who wants to have fun and party even though she's married. This book was a quick read.  You get a peak inside the lives of those who get pampered and the people who get paid to do so. JJ Powers brought the comic relief with her wit. This book was fabulous. It had glamour, drama, and sisterly love to keep the story moving forward.

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