Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Getting Married and Other Mistakes by Babara Slate

Title: Getting Married and Other Mistakes

Author: Barbara Slate

Published: 6/12/2012

Publisher: Other Press

Source: NetGalley

Summary by Goodreads:
After having been a good girl and following her mother’s advice to snag a husband before she became a twenty-something spinster, Barbara Slate realized that her Mr. Right was actually Mr. Wrong and that she was living her life according to everyone’s rules but her own. After twelve years of an unblissful marriage, she made her escape.
   Now this accomplished comic artist lets it all out in a savagely funny and emotionally honest fictional narrative. Jo, her stand-in protagonist, is a successful wedding photographer (of all things) who has been dumped by her husband and desperately needs to get on with her life. She follows her friends’ advice to get laid, see a shrink, go out more, and live a little. Nothing works. Eventually she realizes that she must stop listening to what everybody else tells her and follow her own voice instead.
   Jo’s struggle with female guilt and her quest for self-awareness, told in a series of hilarious panels, is the perfect book for any woman needing to take back control of her life, or remembering when she did.
My review/thoughts:
Jo's husband leaves her for a younger woman and she takes to her bed. She talks with her friends and her mom to get advice on how to move on with her life. Jo sees a slew of therapists and tries to have fun. Eventually, Jo finds herself and what she's supposed to do with her life. This was my first graphic novel and I enjoyed it. This book was funny and insightful. It was a fast read. I recommend this book if you are going through a break up or want a good laugh.

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