Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: Georgia's Kitchen by Jenny Nelson

Georgia's Kitchen

Georgia Gray seems to have the perfect life. She has the man, the ring, and the job. Yet, all of that changes on the same day and throws Georgia for a loop. This sudden change of events causes her to rethink what it is she truly wants out of life. She goes to Italy to clear her heart and head. She meets a man and gets a new job.

This book was a nice light read. I felt like I was with Georgia in Italy drinking cappucinni and caffes. I even partied with her and her crazy friends in New York City. The descriptions of Italy were beautiful. Georgia is a perfectionist and learns how to cook Italian food correctly and she overcomes adversity. She literally showed you that when you fall down you have to get up, try again and work your butt off for what you really want. When she figured out what she wanted to do, she went for it. This is the book to get when you don't want to read something deep. It's the perfect summer read.

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