Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Review: All That Glitters by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

Summary from Good Reads:
A young Latina professional cheerleader in Houston with dreams of being a photojournalist finds a mentor in a powerful older African American woman sports agent. As their friendship grows, each woman ends up mentoring the other as they each seek to balance love, life and career. Satisfying romances for both women, with men you come to love. Poignant tale of friendship and family.
 My thoughts/review:
  All That Glitters is about two totally different women, Zora and Mackenzie, forming an unlikely friendship because of their unique situations. Mackenzie is the 20-something Latina cheerleader, who wants to make everybody happy except for herself. She wants to become a photojournalist and make a difference by shining a light on issues that she's passionate about. She sees Zora and realizes that she wants to be just like her because Zora comes off as being a strong black woman who doesn't take nothing off of anybody not knowing that Zora is dealing with her own issues.

  Zora is a 30-something sports agent who can't seem to get over her ex, but seems to have everything else under control. She projects herself as a woman who knows what she wants and gets the job done. When she meets Mackenzie, Zora is working being her no nonsense self and Mackenzie gets taken under Zora's wing. They help each other out. Mackenzie helps Zora to loosen up and Zora helps Mackenzie to be more assertive. My favorite character in the book is Rosie, Mackenzie's aunt. She was very colorful and gave Mackenzie good advice.

  This book was short and sweet. It had a good message. The message I got from it is to do what makes you happy. Follow your own dreams and not somebody else's dream for you and if a guy's not right for you, dump him. Don't suffer with somebody that you know is bad for you. This was a fabulous book. Other books by Alisa that I love: The Dirty Girls Social Club and Dirty Girls on Top.