Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: 32 Candles by Ernessa T. Carter

Title: 32 Candles

Author: Ernessa T. Carter

Published: 6/22/2010

Publisher: HarperCollins, Amistad

Summary from Goodreads:
John Hughes's "Sixteen Candles" grows up in this wry and satisfying romantic tale in which an ugly ducking becomes the swan she always dreamed of and gets the prince--but will she be able to keep him?

My thoughts/review:
Davidia Jones is an ugly duckling from in Glass, Mississippi that gets made fun of all throughout her school years by her classmates and abused by her mother until one day she decides that she can't take it anymore and literally takes off to start a new life in Los Angeles. She changes her name to Davie and finds her voice after being mute for so long and comes up swinging. This book is in three parts: the past, now, and the in between. I really liked this book. I've wanted to read this book when I first read about it in Essence magazine. It met my expectations and more. The thing I most like about this book was Davie. I was rooting for her because she was crazy. This was a fabulous read. I laughed, I shouted, "What are you doing?!" It was great.

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