Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: Being Lara by Lola Jaye

Title:  Being Lara

Author: Lola Jaye

Publisher: HarperCollins

Date Published: March 13, 2012

Lara gets the surprise of her life on her 30th birthday. She is an adoptee of two white Londoners who adopts her from an orphanage in Nigeria. All of her life she has thought of herself as an alien. As a little girl, Lara would get stared at while she was out and about with her parents. At 30, Lara starts a new chapter in her life because she finally gets to discover who she is and where she come from. The story weaved her story and her parents' story to explain why Lara is the way she is. We travel from the past to the present from Africa to London. Lara's grandmother and her best friend Sandi were the voices of reason in this book. It was a fabulous read. The main themes were self-discovery, family and forgiveness. I really enjoyed this book. This was the first book I've read by Lola Jaye and it won't be the last.

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  1. Cool, sounds like a good one. I'm so used to reading YA reviews this threw me for a loop with age range. :)