Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Breaking the Rules by Cat Lavoie

 Title: Breaking the Rules

Author: Cat Lavoie

Publisher: Marching Ink, LLC

Pub date: 8/8/2012

Source: Marching Ink, LLC

 My review:

Roxy Rule is a chef at heart but she works as a personal assistant at a PR firm. She and Ollie have been best friends basically since birth, but it all changes after Ollie kisses her right before he leaves for London for a job promotion. Roxy’s sister Steffi comes to her pregnant with no place to go. Roxy’s friends Tali, Emma, and Andy are there to lend a listening ear or bottle of wine or both for Roxy. This book was bananas. It read like a soap opera meets Maury Povich with cooking in between. My first thought of Roxy was I want to go to her house and eat. I could just taste her cupcakes. This book had family, friendship, love quadrangles, and food. What more could you ask for in a book? This book is a fabulous and entertaining read.


  1. Now I want cupcakes :) This sounds like such a fun read..great review.