Monday, August 6, 2012

Review: Where's the Nearest Day Spa? Renewing the Anxious Heart by Emily Smith

Title: Where's the Nearest Day Spa? Renewing the Anxious Heart

Author: Emily Smith

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Pub Date: 7/1/2012

Summary from Goodreads & Amazon:

Where’s the Nearest Day Spa? Renewing the Anxious Heart offers a fresh perspective on worries and fears. Short, easy-to-read chapters—overflowing with humor and insightful Bible-based encouragement—will inspire a new outlook, as you begin to embrace the spiritual and emotional R&R that only the heavenly Father provides.

My thoughts/review:
   This book is full of great biblical advice on anxiety and worry. The advice is don't worry. This is great for nervous people that need a little reminder every now and then. It is a fast read with questions at the end of each chapter with space for notes to answer the questions. The beginning of chapter each is pretty funny. She ties in her spa experiences to the bible verses in each chapter. The colors of the book are calming with the light blues and flowers. This book would be great for a women's bible study group or solo bible study.

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  1. I had never read any books like this-- giving tips, points and trivia. Because what I usually read are novels-- those books that have stories in it.. heeheh... Yet, nice one there huh ;-)